Streetphilosophy / Social Media (ARTE/RBB, 2020)

/ Social Media

Social Media

We created autonomous Streetphilosophy formats for ARTEs Facebook and Instagram accounts, some of which have been viewed over one million times.

It has always been our goal to create smart content for the social media channels of ARTE. The first seasons were accompanied by a very successful Facebook format, in which we talked about love and death with people in Berlin's nightlife. Along with the target group we then moved to Instagram. We find great pleasure in playing with the possibilities of the platform and in adapting dramaturgies that have an easiness to them whilst dealing with the big questions of our time.

  • Idee

    Simon Hufeisen, Dominik Bretsch

  • Regie

    Johanna Maria Knothe, Moritz Dirks, Annie Hofmann, Michael Kutscher, u.a.

  • Client


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We're hiring!

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