Clash of  Characters  (RBB, 2018)

Clash of


What happens when the most different ideas and thoughts clash? How will the feminist coder and the hermit get along? What about the fashion blogger from Mitte and the coat check attendant in Klärchens Ballhaus? Tender encounters and insights into the many Berlin lifestyle choices stand at the core of this format. It's a new form of documentary local reporting.

Clash of Characters connects people from the most different scenes, social backgrounds, generations, from different parts of the country and realities of life. In each episode two different protagonists meet each other. Each of them plays the role of host as well as guest, introducing the other person into their life, while also being invited to broaden their perspective outside of their normal surroundings. What does this do to them? What arouses their interest? Their contradiction? How are they similar, how are they estranged? This format was developed as an introductory series for the “Abendshow” on rbb.

  • Idee

    Simon Hufeisen und Dominik Bretsch

  • Autoren

    Annie Hofmann, Matthias Weigel, Thorsten Glotzmann u.a.

  • Formatierung

    10x6min Einspieler

  • Client


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