Offline (ARD Kultur / RBB, 2022)



A series about Russian and Ukrainian influencers, who are trying to escape the lower classes of their countries. They dream about living in Europe. Their capital – a hundred thousands followers on Instagram that look up to them. Their biggest fear is not to be beautiful or talented enough for the fastpaced world of social media.

The director of the series is Mehran Djojan, a fashion photographer, visual artist and in possession of 180,000 followers himself. In Offline he gives a very personal and moving insight into the Instagram façade. What does life look like behind the digital bling-bling curtain of influencers?

The series follows Tanya - aka @chudnyyy - for example. She lives in Berlin as a model, actress, musician and influencer. With her income, not only does she finance her own life but also that of her family in Chelyabinsk. Djojan follows young people like Tanya on their quest for fame and through their exasperations of everyday life.

  • Regie & Kamera

    Mehran Djojan

  • Montage

    Stefanie Kosik-Wartenberg

  • Format

    4x30 Minuten

  • Client

    ARD Kultur / RBB

We're hiring!

We're hiring!

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