My First Million (audible, 2020)

My First


The author Ronja von Rönne meets people who managed to get rich either through talent, entrepreneurship or hard work. A founder of a start-up, a plastic surgeon, a former professional boxer or a high-rate gallery owner. An audible podcast in collaboration with the economic magazine Capital.

Nothing is more embarrassing than talking about money. “My First Million” breaks this taboo. Ronja von Rönne meets millionaires in this podcast. She finds out what it first felt like to have a million euros sitting in their bank accounts. How do the many zeros affect old friendships? Maybe money can make you happy? What lasts and what vanishes from wealth? “My First Million” doesn't deal with strategies, equity structures and income tax liability – but with personal histories, recollections and feelings of those who can suddenly call themselves millionaires.

  • Regie

    Miriam Arndts, Thorsten Glotzmann, Aphroditi Tsakiridou, Valentina Repetto, Annie Hofmann

  • Mischung

    Jerome Huber, Ali Hassanpour

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