Streetphilosophy (ARTE/RBB, 2020)



Fame and recognition, Camusian existentialism or civil disobedience? What should we hold on to in life? Which ideas do we follow? The format Streetphilosophy received the Grimme Award in the category Innovation.

Ronja von Rönne, Jonas Bosslet and Noah Sari roam the streets of Berlin. They encounter braggers and minimalists, aggressive rappers and fearless bungee-jumpers, existentialists and hedonists, thoughtful wrestlers and noisy philosophers. Looking for guidelines in life between dive bars and Spätis. Single episodes can be viewed on Arte-Mediathek.

  • Idee

    Simon Hufeisen und Dominik Bretsch

  • Regie

    Michael Schmitt, Thorsten Glotzmann, Annie Hofmann u.a.

  • Produktion

    Staffel 7

  • Client