AI FUTURE (ARTE/RBB, SWR, Deutsche Welle, 2023)



Big Tech companies and governments around the globe are working feverishly to create generative artificial intelligence and improve machine learning. They want to accumulate power and wealth to an unknown extent. Who will win this race? And what does it mean for the rest of humanity when few achieve godlike abilities?

In the not-so-distant future, we'll be able to recall the precise moment when we first communicated with an AI in 2023. State-of-the-art infrastructure is swiftly growing, laying the groundwork for all forthcoming value generation. We only know it as playful Chat GPT, but that's the beginning. The global developments related to AI are complex and rapidly evolving exponentially, with various AIs optimizing each other at breakneck speed. Companies, investors, and governments are pouring massive amounts of money into this area, leading to profound changes in how we work, research, interact, judge, and evaluate. "AI FUTURE" is an engaging and informative documentary that delves into the key players driving the dynamic process of artificial intelligence. The film takes you to the forefront of development, where companies, countries, and regions compete fiercely for capital, top talent, and political influence. For example, the metropolitan area between Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, and Mannheim competes with Silicon Valley for supremacy. The stakes are high, and whoever loses this game won't get another chance.

The role of politics in this tech revolution is equally important, with crucial decisions that need to be made quickly. Politicians must balance the interests of ambitious start-ups with the influence of a robust tech industry. *Can Europe and the US establish regulations that make AI manageable for humans without slowing its progress? *What are the consequences for our society and democracy in general if we fail to handle these technologies properly? AI FUTURE also explores the geopolitical aspects of AI: Will this technology drive the rivalry between the US and China to new levels?

  • Director

    Dominik Bretsch

  • Authors

    Dominik Bretsch, Simon Hufeisen

  • Format


  • Client

    ARTE/RBB, SWR, Deutsche Welle

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