Macht auf Zeit (SWR, 2021)

Macht auf Zeit


After what feels like 100 years of Merkel, a new era begins. From election night on, we'll be following the next generation of influential politicians, both from the government and the opposition, for several months. Who will gain more power? Who will form successful alliances? Who will overplay their hand? Join Miriam Davoudvandi and Jan Kawelke in this fascinating political documentary series as they explore the shifting political landscape in Germany. Don't miss this unique opportunity to witness the future of German politics unfold before your eyes!

"Macht auf Zeit" makes the struggle for power and influence palpable, revealing the complex connections and contradictions behind the scenes, and getting up close and personal with the key players, providing deep insights into the mechanics of politics. At the same time, we aim to experience the politicians as human beings, showcasing their personalities and emotions, which are often overlooked in current reporting.

During the first term in office, the crucial groundwork for the coming decade is laid. Join hosts Miriam Davoudvandi and Jan Kawelke as they follow the new power brokers, including parliamentary members Lars Klingbeil (SPD), Johannes Vogel (FDP), Ricarda Lang (Greens), Tilman Kuban (CDU), Katja Kipping (Die Linke), and Markus Frohnmayer (AfD). During the election campaign, politicians made maximum promises to convince voters. Now these promises are bargaining chips in the struggle for power. How do they personally deal with this? What is more important to them - the power to actually effect change, or their own integrity?

For the new parliamentarians, another question arises: Which of their ideas will prove naive, and which will be realistic? And when the government is formed: Have the key players positioned themselves well for a successful term in office? Don't miss this insightful political documentary series that gives you a glimpse into the complex and fascinating world of politics.

  • Idea

    Dominik Bretsch, Simon Hufeisen

  • Format

    8 x 30min

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