Big Tech companies and governments around the globe are working feverishly to create general artificial intelligence. They want to accumulate power and wealth to an unknown extent. Who will win this race? And what does it mean for the rest of humanity when few achieve godlike abilities?

In the not-so-distant future, we'll be able to recall the precise moment when we first communicated with an AI in 2023. A new super-infrastructure is rapidly emerging, one that will serve as the foundation for all future value creation. For now, we only know it in the form of playful Chat GPT, but that's just the beginning. The global developments related to AI are complex and rapidly evolving in an exponential process, with various AIs optimizing each other at breakneck speed. Companies, investors, and governments are pouring massive amounts of money into this area, leading to profound changes in the way we work, research, interact, judge, and evaluate.

Enter "AI FUTURE," a captivating and informative look at the key figures leading the charge in this dynamic process. From tech giants and researchers to politicians and investors, the documentary takes you to the front line of development, where the fight for capital, the best minds, and political influence is fierce. Competition is not only between companies but also between countries and locations. The metropolitan region between Frankfurt, Karlsruhe, Heidelberg, and Mannheim, for instance, is vying for supremacy with Silicon Valley. The stakes are high, and whoever loses this game won't get a second chance.

*The role of politics in this tech revolution is just as crucial, with far-reaching decisions that need to be made in a very short time. *They must balance the interests of young European tech companies with the influence of a powerful tech industry. Can Europe establish regulations that make AI manageable for humans without halting its progress? Who are the political actors who can help Europe establish itself as a true AI power? These are just a few of the many pressing questions "AI FUTURE" explores.

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    Dominik Bretsch

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    Dominik Bretsch, Simon Hufeisen

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